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  • Auntie Mame

    Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis. “An old classic. Extraordinarily witty and well-written, it's akin to P.G. Wodehouse - i.e., absurd story lines mixed with clever social critiques. A light-hearted but nonetheless rich and rewarding read.”

  • Dress your family in Denim and Corduroy

    Dress Your Family in Denim & Corduroy, Holidays on Ice, Me Talk Pretty One Day, or anything at all by humorist David Sedaris.  “I devoured them all on spring break.”

  • Mommies Who Drink

    Mommies Who Drink: Sex, Drugs, and Other Distant Memories of an Ordinary Mom by Brett Paesel. "It may not be for everyone because of the raunchiness but if you want a chuckle, it’s worth it. Here is the part from Amazon that I feel sums up her humor: Paesel's willingness to mock herself even allows her to milk a laugh from a postpartum visit to a therapist. "I'm so unhappy," she cries. "I hate myself. I hate my life. I feel like it's never going to change." After a while, the therapist makes a suggestion. "Maybe we should think about antidepressants.'' "What?" Paesel thinks. "It's not that bad." And guess what? She eventually finds that motherhood is not that bad. In fact, she likes it, which is lucky, since Hollywood demands a happy ending. Even so, it's safe to say that if there's Jell-O around, this mommy wants not a lollipop but a vodka-infused "shooter."

  • Sh*t My Dad Says

    Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern. Halpern, 29 years old, moves back in with his 74 year old dad, who is, according to some, like a potty-mouthed prophet. Maybe he's just potty-mouthed, but either way, he's hilarious. Justin started tweeting things his dad says, and found himself himself with 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and now a book.

  • This is Where I Leave You

    This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel by Jonathan Tropper. "Think back to the early days of chick lit... when it was good. Now, imagine it from a male perspective. Jonathan Tropper writes fiction from a guy's perspective that, I think, appeals to women (at least it did to me). The book opens with the main character's wife cheating on him, then leads to him joining his family in their childhood home while they all sit shiva for his dead father (who was an atheist). Forced to be in a room with four brothers and sisters day in and day out, stories unfold, hilarity ensues, and some sexual secrets are laid bare... all the chick-lit cliches, but written in a way that doesn't make you want to barf or stab someone." "Laugh out loud funny but tragic at the same time. Read it before they make the movie." "Jonathan Trooper writes compulsively readable, laugh-out-loud funny novels, and his fifth book, This Is Where I Leave You is his best yet." "I laughed out loud with this one and some things are over the top, but a delightful read."

  • When you are Engulfed in Flames

    When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. "If David Sedaris were not gay, and in a committed relationship, I would marry him. This collection of essays is funny, wry, slightly tipsy and a definite read-when-you-need-a-laugh book."

  • Why Not Me

    Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. “Not as good as her first memoir, but still damn funny.”

  • Why We Suck

    Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid by Dennis Leary. "'nuf said"

  • Yes, Please

    Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. “No review or explanation will do it justice.  Read this book.  Read it now.  It puts Bossypants to shame.  Even better is the audio version, because Amy reads it and is the awesomest of all things that are awesome.”  "We listened to this on a long car ride and were in hysterics. Maybe not a good idea if there are pre-teens or youngsters in the car.  If there are teenagers (as we had) just be ready to fast forward in places. She's so funny."